Finance Recovery Set-up Platform to Provide Recovery and Advisory Services

July 10, 2020      Vandana Malik

Finance Recovery which provides debt collection services has recently set-up a platform to provide both recovery and advisory services. These services will help all the victims of the crypto scams. Fraudulent credit card transactions, fake schemes and other loss of funds will be covered under this new platform. The firm also offers various services which simply help the victims to recover their funds back. Along with this, it also provided advisory service which provides advice to its clients for how they can avoid being scammed.

Finance Recovery advises how to get money back

In the online trading world, there are many different kinds of scams that people face. Most common ones are forex scams, Bitcoin scams and many others. Now Finance Recovery basically provides various advises to its clients for how they can get their money back after being scammed. The main aim of the firm is asset recovery only for all those clients who have lost their funds in Bitcoin, investment or trading scams. Along with this, it also helps them to get approval for credit card chargeback requests.

It is not only for avoiding scams, as it also provides services to those who have been the victim of such scams. For those clients, there is a crisis management service offered by Finance Recovery with the help of forensic experts. For this, the firm tracks different payment forms as well.

Actions against the offending parties

In the crisis management service of Finance Recovery, it performs various actions against various investment platforms involved in the scams. The intelligence team of the firm works to find out all the relevant information about the scam in order to help the victim. This feature gives more transparency to the clients so that they can trust the firm without hesitation. It provides all the relevant information about the modes that has been used to steal funds to the clients.

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Vandana Malik
Vandana Malik

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