First-Ever Bitcoin Cash Developers Meeting To Be Held Today
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First-Ever Bitcoin Cash Developers Meeting To Be Held Today

January 16, 2020      Shailesh Panwar

Developers from Bitcoin Unlimited, Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin Verde, BCHD and teams from other companies would meet today to encourage the development of the Bitcoin Cash infrastructure. The developers will discuss progress towards the Bitcoin Cash Network’s upgradation that would occur on May 15 and the standardized growth for the Bitcoin Cash protocol.

Things To Be Discussed During Conference

David R. Allen, operator and Co-owner of, announced this first-ever video conference of BCH protocol of 2020. The link to the meeting,  video conferencing software, is open to the general public. The meeting’s details can easily be accessed on the internet. Developers from Bitcoin Unlimited, Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin Verde BCHD and others would continue the development of Bitcoin Cash infrastructure. Members from the development team could browse through the website if they were not able to attend the conference.

At present, it is the best time to provide specifications and implementations, as the node software’s first upgrade could launch sooner this year. The video conference would provide an opportunity for some crucial BCH developers to engage with each other and discuss BCH’s future. As developers have a very hectic schedule, the live video conference would be uploaded on Youtube for those who could not attend the live event. 

The meeting’s organizers at present are looking to secure the sponsors and are open to the businesses ideas in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.

Earlier Rakuten Allowed Users To Change loyalty Points To Bitcoin Cash

Earlier in 2019, an eCommerce giant from Japan, Rakuten allowed users to change loyalty points to Bitcoin Cash. Rakuten made this effort to break the entry barriers that were coming while trading with cryptocurrencies in Japan. Bitcoin Cash was introduced to improve the capabilities of Bitcoin cryptocurrency and the video conference on Bitcoin Cash that is going to be discussed could become a milestone for the growth and improvement of this cryptocurrency.

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