Gocrypto Announces Its Onboarding of 1,000 Merchant Locations Globally

Javeria  |  Mar 2, 2020

Dejan Roljic, the CEO of Gocrypto, announced the successful onboarding of its payment gateway at 1,000 different locations. Roljic made the announcement through a blog posted on 20 February where he expanded on the growth of the firm. He explained that the payment gateway is now available in several locations in five countries and has also started expanding its services in South America. The team is planning to onboard as many stores as possible in 13 new markets of Latin America.

Expanding in International Markets

Gocrypto is making moves towards crypto adoption since its launch and the company’s CEO has announced that the platform has successfully onboarded 1,000 locations worldwide. The payment gateway firm first made headlines when it help made Slovenia the genuine Bitcoin City.

After the launch of Bitcoin City, Gocrypto’s home base, the company onboarded throughout the country. According to the last year reports, Solvenia has the most physical locations where BCH is accepted, and this has happened only with the efforts of Gocrypto payment gateway. In his blog, Roljic not only revealed the 1,000 merchant locations where Gocrypto has onboarded but that the firm has expanded internationally.

The CEO noted that the Gocrypto entered Croatia in mid-2019 after which it expanded in various other countries including Hungary, Switzerland and Bulgaria. He further added that the gateway is now also available in Czechia, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Portugal and Romania.

With its partnership with Xpay.cash, the payment gateway is not also present in South America, said Roljic. The company is planning to further its services and boost the South American markets with the systematic approach given its legal approval in the region.

Now the primary goal of Gocrypto is to onboard 20-50 merchant stores in these new markets to start accepting Gocrypto payments as well as acquire as many PSPs as possible.

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