Gold Bug Peter Schiff Asks People To Donate Crypto To His son
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Gold Bug Peter Schiff Asks People To Donate Crypto To His son

August 29, 2020      Jyoti Singh

Everyone in the crypto space knows that the financial broker and author Peter Schiff is not a fan of Bitcoin, for a very long time, in fact, he had claimed that bitcoin does not hold any real value.

Spencer Schiff Will Not Lose Wallet, Says Peter

But recently, on his son’s 18th birthday, Peter Schiff urged the crypto community to offer Spencer Schiff a few cryptocurrencies. Peter even informed the community that the bitcoin wallet would be safe with Spencer. 

The fact can not be denied that for a very long time, Peter has been criticizing Bitcoin. After every market movement, Peter releases a statement regarding Bitcoin which is never positive. 

It has been reported that Peter has always considered Bitcoin as an alternative for the gold, but for him, the digital asset is more like the tulip mania bubble to gold.

Bitcoin Supporter Spencer Schiff

It is to be noted that Peter’s son Spencer does not think the same way about Bitcoin. In fact, a few days ago, Spencer bought some bitcoins.

Like his father, Spencer has faith in the free market. On August 17, while tweeting about it, Spencer stated that one can find a network of mutually-beneficial exchanges in the free market. 

A few days ago, Peter in his tweet tagged the bitcoin community and asked them to transfer some Bitcoins to Spencer’s account on his (Spencer’s) 18th birthday.

On August 27, Peter in his tweet stated, “Since so many of you Bitcoin guys are ribbing me because my son Spencer bought bitcoin, why not really rub it in by gifting him some as a belated birthday present.”

Peter further, while sharing Spencer’s wallet address promised that his kid would not lose Bitcoin.  

It has been reported that in the year 2018, the founder of Shapeshift, Erik Voorhees gifted a few Bitcoins to Peter, but later the American libertarian lost its access.

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