Google Trends of Bitcoin Showed The Interest Of Crypto Enthusiasts

Tarulika  |  Mar 18, 2020

Amid the bearish crypto market and the global economic crash, the latest Google Trends of Bitcoin data explained about the increasing interest of the potential investors. The data showed that “bitcoin” and “buy bitcoin” keywords were searched highly on Google in the past 30 days.

"Buy Bitcoin": Google Trends Of Bitcoin

The prices of bitcoin showed the bullish trends at the beginning of the year, but recently it is suffering from huge losses. Amid all of the storms, the ship of the bitcoin is still sailing as the traders are still keen to invest their money in the digital assets.

Google Trends of Bitcoin showed that “Buy Bitcoin” overtook the popularity of “Buy Gold” in the last week. The search queries amid the loss of 60% of its value affected the crypto markets. Still, the global economic situation may force the traders to look for an alternative to invest their funds, thereby the search trends increased.

As the market panic majorly due to the outbreak of Coronavirus searches for “bitcoin” almost doubled on March 12, 2020, the highest point since June 2019 and remained high afterwards also. Nonetheless, some analysts questioned if the recent trend can also increase the number of retail and institutional investors in the crypto markets or the interest will be wrapped up on the chart of Google only.

Recent Developments In The Crypto Space

The Crypto exchanges have put their efforts to turn the google trends of bitcoin into real investments. Recently, BlockFi raised the interest rates for the account holders of Bitcoins and Ethereum. Also, the recent step of Google Pay to add Coinbase Card to ease crypto transaction through the mobile app can attract new investments in the crypto sector.

The major players of the crypto space are working in their ways to level up the dropping crypto markets. Amid the chaotic situation, Bakkt Futures trading platform was able to raise almost $300 million of funds which will help it to continue the development of crypto focussed services.

Thus, the prices of bitcoins have enough potential to reach beyond its all-time in the coming days and turning the searching for investment.

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