Government Decides Not to Drop Down Charges Against Mark Scott

Zain Raza by Zain Raza - 06:19 AM Mar 26, 2020
Government Decides Not to Drop Down Charges Against Mark Scott

The United States government is not backing out and is standing by its evidence it presented against Mark Scott, the alleged one coin money launder and former attorney of the company.

Mark Scott has appealed against the charges, and in a memorandum filed on March 24, the government responded to his claims that the prosecution profs aren't sufficing regarding the accusations that the money he handled were from illicit activities. He was referring to the November's proceeding when he was charged guilty by the court.

Mark Scott was believed to have generated a profit of $50 million after he laundered $400 million. The government asserts, "It was entirely reasonable for the jury to conclude that the defendant knew that he was dealing with the proceeds of unlawful activity." "Legitimate investment funds whose transactions involve proceeds from lawful activities do not forge documents and create false records on a routine basis," the memo asserts.

17 Witnesses Against Mark Scott

The government says that as much as 17 witnesses, many of them the victims of this massive scam and a few employees from the US all were deceived by Mark Scott and another big culprit of the scam.

Mark Scott, in his defence, has stated that the charges against him are on the basis of empty innuendos and hearsay, and lack any solid foundations. He believes these charged against him have not been backed up in a solid way and the proofs presented lacks conviction. hence, he wishes that the court acquit him.

Scott was arrested in 2018, and it was reported that charges against him are over a three year period. From September 2015 until 2018, Mark Scott fooled a bunch of people, duped them and money laundered $400 million in the name of the Onecoin scheme.

Investment funds were the weapon of Mark Scott, who made millions by fooling big financial institutions. He then followed it up by setting up multiple accounts to launder money in the name of funds.

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