Grayscale Claims One-Third US Investors are Interested in Bitcoin
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Grayscale Claims One-Third US Investors are Interested in Bitcoin

August 8, 2020      Vandana Malik

Grayscale, the largest crypto assets investment manager has made several claims regarding the interest of US investors. According to the firm, around one-third of the investors in the US are showing their interest in investing in Bitcoin. This simply indicates that the investors are moving rapidly towards crypto assets. 

The firm also said that it is high time for all the financial advisors to move towards the crypto assets. Grayscale is also offering its Digital Currency Toolkit to financial advisors. This toolkit has been launched by the firm recently which will give them a proper knowledge of the digital currency asset class. 

Grayscale shows its AUM at $5.5 billion

From the past few months, it has been seen that when it comes to total assets under management, Grayscale is at all-time-high. In the recent update, it has been shown that the AUM of the firm is at $5.5 billion and it is further planning to own a more crypto market cap. 

Both the younger as well as older investors have started moving away from the fiat assets and have started showing their interest in digital assets. The younger generation of investors is more into digital assets while the older ones prefer gold over other assets. One thing is common in both the generations that they do not want to invest in fiat assets. 

Increasing more capital inflow into the crypto market

As Grayscale is doing great in its crypto market cap, it has also planned to increase its capital inflow into the crypto market. It is also placing major focus upon the capital inflow, particularly from the young investors. The firm is doing this by targeting the traders from the Robinhood app as it is having a huge user base of 13 million young traders. It is also aiming that this move of educating the financial advisors will open the market for a completely diverse group of investors.

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Vandana Malik
Vandana Malik

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