Honeywell Uses Blockchain System to Streamline Documentation of Aircraft
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Honeywell Uses Blockchain System to Streamline Documentation of Aircraft

August 6, 2020      Vandana Malik

Honeywell International Inc., an aerospace giant has just created a system based on blockchain to solve the documentation and data storage problem. The firm will be using this blockchain system in order to streamline aircraft documentation. 

As per the announcement by Honeywell, GoDirect Trade, the blockchain subsidiary of the firm will be integrated with its record generation process. With this integration, the customers will be able to search the data of parts and services of aerospace. 

Honeywell trying to record data related to aerospace parts

Lisa Butters, the general manager of GoDirect Trade has said that through this blockchain-based system, Honeywell will be trying to record the data. This data will be related to the aerospace parts that are manufactured and repaired every day. 

It is believed that this is going to be the kind of technology for the firm which will completely transform the record-keeping process. The process of recording the data on a single ledger, will simplify the process of searching and accessing data. 

Data distributed across different computer systems

All the data which is related to the parts and services of aerospace have been distributed across the different computer systems. Due to this process of distributing data, airline companies tend to lose their important documents and data. Now it has been claimed by Honeywell that in case the documents go missing, the customers will be able to reconstruct the data of aircraft parts.

As soon as they will input the serial number and part number on their application, they will be able to reconstruct the data. Butters has explained the firm as a search engine that will be able to perform different works related to parts and services of aircraft.

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Vandana Malik
Vandana Malik

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