Hong Kong Free Press Now Embrace Bitcoin Donations With BTCPay

Midhat Ali Shaikh by Midhat Ali Shaikh - 05:49 AM Oct 12, 2019
Hong Kong Free Press Now Embrace Bitcoin Donations With BTCPay

Hong Kong Free Press Now Embrace Bitcoin Donations With BTCPay 

Reportedly, the previous month, BitPay turned down to receive bitcoin payments as donations for the Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP). Meanwhile, journalist driven organization started seeking for another payment platform. Now on Oct 10, it announced that it has found another platform.

Another Customer Gone 

Because of stress from Beijing, the bitcoin payment platform, BitPay refused to allow the payments process to HKFP.  Founder and editor-in-chief of HKFP, Tom Grundy, informed the people in his tweet that cryptocurrency donations were debarred for the time being.

As reported by the source, meanwhile, BitPay had kept crypto donations and declined to transfer them. And the platform made an excuse that Hong Kong Banks use SWIFT  and not IBNs. However, it was not the first time for Bitpay that it declined to accept donations. Previously, the BitPay refused to accept Bitcoin's large donation for Amazon forest fire relief as it was more than the max limit for the platform.

It really seems that BitPay does not want to collaborate in any charitable causes or does not show interest to deal with those who need crypto payment to ease donations.

Grundy at the time condemned the payments platform, BitPay. He said it has been the worst experience and it has a poor reputation, extremely bad communication, horrible customer service along with very high fees. He further said he would be finding an alternative for payment purposes.

HKFP Joins Hands with BTCPay 

On Oct 10, the organization, HKFP made an announcement. It declared that crypto donations were resumed through its new payment provider, BTCPay.

Hong Kong Free Press tweets:

“Bitcoin donations via BTCPay help HKFP to eliminate processing fees & allow readers to make a fully anonymous contribution.”

Apple Censors Application Used By Protestors

As tensions grew in Hing Kong regions are forming and it is seeming transparently that which organizations fear the wrath of land. HKFP informed on Oct 11 that apple had withdrawn an apple used by protestors pursuing allegations from Beijing that overseas Companies are backing the pro-democracy movement.

Plenty of Apple products are made in Cina's mega factories. So the tech firm would bend itself to the will of China for fear of denting that exquisite profit margin and establishing shop elsewhere.

Supporters blasted the company for censorship and suppressing freedom but there is no surprise with this move. HKFP is now able to embrace cryptocurrency donations again.

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