Hong Kong Trams And A Few Areas Near Banks To Feature Bitcoin Ads
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Hong Kong Trams And A Few Areas Near Banks To Feature Bitcoin Ads

September 11, 2020      Jyoti Singh

A bitcoin-related non-profit organization, Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong (BAHK), has been advertising about the digital asset. 

The non-profit organization decided to plaster the Bitcoin ads on Hong Kong Trams and in some areas near famous banks, till October 08.

‘Risk And Merits Of Bitcoin’ Ad By BAHK

In the advertisement, the BAHK discusses the ‘risks and merits of Bitcoin’. The donation it has received is being used for the advertisement. 

One of the advertisements in the area pointed out that compared to the year 2009, the US has printed more dollars in the year 2020. But in cryptocurrencies, the number will remain the same i.e., 21 million. Through this advertisement, BAHK wanted to convey that the never-ending printing of dollars in the US depicts the country is heading towards inflation.

While releasing a public statement regarding this advertisement, the BAHK stated, “We hope the campaign will give us the opportunity to discuss how Bitcoin fits into a quickly digitizing global economy, the opportunities and dangers of drastic technological advancements, and the implications of digital, verifiable scarcity.”

BAHK has further notified that it would feature the Bitcoin ads on three double-decker trams in Hong Kong. 

Ads On Trams And Near Bank Headquarters

It is to be noted that more than 200,000 passengers travel through these trams per day. So it could be said that per day at least 200,000 people would get to know about the merits and risks of Bitcoin.

The non-profit also mentioned that it has also decided to use billboards for the advertisements. 

Basically, the ads would be published on those billboards which are near the bank headquarters like HSBC, Standard Chartered.

As per the report, the ads put by BAHK are nowhere related to it, the non-profit organization only talks about Bitcoin. 

The co-founder of BAHK, Leo Weese, has recently stated that through these advertisements they are not only planning to educate people but also planning to open a conversation drive about Bitcoin in the city. 

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Jyoti Singh
Jyoti Singh

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