How Can I Buy Dent Coin in 2021?
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How Can I Buy Dent Coin in 2021?

March 28, 2021      Aditya Nagar

Like any other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and NEO, many crypto enthusiasts are also interested to know about the trending cryptocurrency Dent and Dent coin predictions. So, let’s see what’s so interesting about Dent coin, and how to buy dent coin in 2021. 

What Is Dent Coin?

The Dent coin is the native coin of the Dent exchange built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a medium for exchanging data.

Unlike any other digital currency, it does not comprise a central network. Moreover, users who utilize Dent can access mobile data.

Besides this, the system also allows users to share data on their own accord. In the Ethereum network, where smart contracts function upon finding their best use for keeping the data. In short, purchasing mobile data from other network users is the main objective of Dent. Now the question arises is whether one can expect the worth of Dent coin?

Dent appears to be current and standout technology that focuses upon the development of people’s society that uses mobile calling devices. 

The creators behind the project began with the focus to positively impact the facility of services related to mobile through a token. It is all to confirm that the services in the future would have a positive impact than the current scenario. 

This definitely must be the reason behind why many people are interested in adding Dent to their crypto wallets.

Having the back-up of blockchain, the Dent exchange emerged as an initial marketplace platform where Telco assets can be accessed by people. 

This marketplace showcases a prominent creation powered by digital ledger blockchain globally.

For all the transactions on the crypto market, the Dent token is perfect in its use. You can have the Dent app on your mobile devices, which will help you in the purchase and sending of mobile data worldwide.

But don’t refer to any government-issued currency to purchase Telco assets. You have to use only the Dent token. 

When you use the Dent platform, you will find that it is a lot much similar to your usual cryptocurrency exchange in terms of functioning.

The team behind the Dent approached the concept of a network that would prove helpful for the users in buying and selling off the packages of their mobile data to other network users.

This idea was generated when according to a study by Cisco showcased the purchase of billion data, while some remained inactive.

The creators of Dent had a motive for the provision of a network that would make the telecom industry much proficient and affordable worldwide.

Dent Price Prediction

The price of the Dent coin in 2021 was expected at $0.00048580 three times from the last year (2020). Now there are speculations regarding more price jumps in the upcoming years 2022 to 2025.

Where to Buy Dent Coin?

For this, you can prefer top crypto exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, and WazirX. You can also refer to HitBTC and Kucoin exchange.

How to Buy Dent Coin

You need to follow some necessary steps to buy a Dent coin. If you have chosen to have an account on the Binance exchange, then you have to press the Yellow Register button on top. You have to fill in your details including the email id with a robust password.

After that, you will see an option for account creation. Click on it, and then flock on to other mandatory steps for verification as well as for the account activation. Don’t skip creating a 2FA as a security provision.

When your account on Binance is made, then the next step is to fund deposit by using Siacoin. For that, transfer of Ether to Binance ETH wallet is needed. Login to your account and press Wallet, then move on to Spot Wallet.

Your general balance can also be viewed on the page. It showcases the integrated token value in your wallets. Spot the ETH and press Deposit.

And then on the right side of the page, you will see the appearance of your Binance ETH wallet address that you have to copy. Or the other option is QR code scanning.

When you go to your wallet that has BTCs, the desired amount must be transferred to the address of your wallet. In a short duration, when all the confirmations of the network are done, your tokens will be ready for purchase on Binance.

Coming on to the third and final step, you need to click on Markets then to ALTS Markets to type DENT on the right side of the search box. Then in the window, a trading pair of ETH/DENT will appear.

Now, go to the left-hand column to purchase ETH with Dent coin. Type the amount of ETH you desire to spend. When everything is done, you can press the button of Buy DENT. 

When the process gets completed, your Dent coins will appear in your wallets in a short duration.

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