How to pass on Bitcoin to you Next Generation
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How to pass on Bitcoin to you Next Generation

September 29, 2020      Guest Author

As a trader, we always invest in things that can be beneficial for our family as well. However, what will happen to those who are trading in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Recently this question is bugging me quite a bit.

Being a crypto trader myself, I have been looking for ways to pass on my crypto assets to my family members. I have found no certain way to leave your crypto asset to your family in my research. However, you can do that with indirect approaches.

Will your death affect your digital inheritance?

Getting old is inevitable. We can neither stop time nor our age. However, we can certainly leave something behind for your families after death.

I am a crypto trade and make my living out of crypto trades. Recently, I am looking for ways that can help my wife to inherit all my digital assets. Old age can be a very brutal thing, and if you are not prepared for the worst, you can leave your family in the inheritance confusion.

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For the past couple of days, I have been doing thorough research. And in my research, I have found that there are platforms that help you with the crypto inheritance. For instance, you can use Cryptoknowmics for all your crypto dealings. And in time, when you die, your family can inherit all your digital property by showing your death certificate.

Before the cryptocurrency, digital inheritance was never possible as there was no system that can assure the right of inheritance. However, in the case of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you get the blockchain technology that helps you with the legal inheritance.

In addition to that, you also need to leave behind the password and the keys for your family to get hold of your assets.

What can you do to pass your digital inheritance?

For starters, you can maintain a handbook that has all your information—starting from how you can trade with the crypto assets to all your key details. This notebook you can pass on to your family members when you were to die.

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These crypto-assets may seem little of what you hold. However, you need to make sure that nothing is lost due to your carelessness. To make sure that the notebook is not handed down to the wrong person, you can also add that to your property and can even mention that in your will.

Now that you have taken care of that, you can look for other methods to store all your digital assets. You can look for platforms that offer storage services. For instance, you can use the BTC revolution to store all your crypto assets at BitBolt official site to know more.

BTC revolution is a trusted platform and has thousands of users every month. It has several offers that can catch your eye. And the feature that catches my eye is the inheritance of the crypto assets. You can add the nominee and contact info of the nominee. Hence, if in future you are not there, your nominee can claim all your assets.

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Your death will not stop your asset to be passed on

There is a lot more to do when it comes down to passing down your digital inheritance. Nevertheless, it is always better that you keep yourself prepared for the worst thing to come. The good thing is that if you trust a person, then you can leave your cryptocurrency details.

The methods that I have mentioned above will surely help you pass on your crypto asset to the next generation. And you will rest in peace knowing that all your digital assets will be not lost.


Now that you know that you can pass on your digital assets to the next generation, you can freely invest in the cryptocurrency. I hope that this piece of information was helpful and was able to add value to your life.


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