HyperChain Capital To Pump Investments In DeFi Projects
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HyperChain Capital To Pump Investments In DeFi Projects

October 5, 2020      Varinder Singh

Premiere digital assets management company HyperChain Capital has announced plans to pump up investments in groundbreaking DeFi projects.
A significant rise in the DeFi boom over the past few months makes the decentralized finance sector to be the promising revolutionary technology that it is and a potentially powerful alternative to the current financial system.

HyperChain Capital’s Plan for the DeFi Market

The official release highlights, as of August 2020, DeFi’s total value locked sees an increase from approx. $8 billion to a staggering high of $10.78 billion.
HyperChain’s CEO and Founder, Stelian Balta adds, “DeFi is the fastest-growing segment that’s using the blockchain. At HyperChain, we continue to look to invest in these innovative technologies and projects. Several new platforms are evolving, especially the promising ones like Fantom Finance. Now it has become one of the most interesting DeFi projects in the industry.”

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Launched in early 2020, Fantom Finance has leading industry contributors and advisors like Andre Cronje himself while quicky gained the spotlight as one of the world’s best DeFi platforms.

Progress Into the DeFi Market

The year 2020 has seen quite a progress web 3.0 techs such as DAOs and DeFi platforms. Companies like HyperChain actively support visionaries to build new tech.
HyperChain Capital Management has a repute of investing over more than 40 companies since its commencement. The company has also been one of the first participants and consultants to Blockchain protocol projects.
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the current global economy has lost faith in the current traditional fiat system. Hence, alternative payment systems like cryptocurrencies seem to be an attractive investment opportunity for asset management companies.

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