I Would Make Bitcoin A National Currency: Venture Capitalist Tim Draper
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I Would Make Bitcoin A National Currency: Venture Capitalist Tim Draper

March 3, 2020      Javeria

If elected for the Presidency, Tim Draper proposed to complete the Six Californias initiative, and make Bitcoin a national currency and introduce 5G all across the United States.

As the elections in the 14 US states including California and Texas are coming close, Tim Draper, the Billionaire American venture capital investor proposed how the United States would look like if he would become the president even for one day.

Draper wrote a blog on what he would do if he would become the president of America for one day after Danny Nelson, a news reporter asked him about the same. In his blog, Timothy mentioned a number of things that he would like to do including breaking California into six states, releasing Ross Ulbricht, the founder of Silk Road and making Bitcoin America’s national currency.

Draper’s Utopian Plan To Make Bitcoin A National Currency

The capitalist’s plan sounds somewhat unrealistic than practical as the crypto coin is yet to prove its viability which is still viewed as a speculative medium of exchange. However, it would make some sense if the failed states like Venezuela would consider adopting Bitcoin as its currency.

According to Draper, Bitcoin could secure a 5% share of the global currency market and specified it as one of the main reason that would make Bitcoin’s price skyrocket to $250,000 by 2023.

He further noted that he would also like to try out a Bitcoin-based universal basic income or tax policy.

Crypto Proponent, Andrew Yang

As reported by cryptoknowmics, there were candidates before including Andrew Yang, who proposed to take the crypto industry forward and started accepting donations for its cryptocurrency campaign in July 2018.

Yang, who also proposed a UBI of $1,000, became one of the top elected presidential candidates. However, the crypto-enthusiast ended his campaign recently after seeing the results in New Hampshire and Iowa.

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