Infinito Wallet Partners With Paxful To Integrate Its Peer-To-Peer Services
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Infinito Wallet Partners With Paxful To Integrate Its Peer-To-Peer Services

May 11, 2020      Jyoti Singh

Infinito, a multi-crypto wallet, has signed up with the peer-to-peer marketplace for Bitcoin, Paxful, to link its services into the Infinito Wallet.

It has been announced that the users of Infinito could now purchase Bitcoin directly from Bitcoin holders around the world, and for that, they would not have to pay any transaction fee.

Paxful And Infinito To Expand Business In Vietnam

While talking about the integration, the CEO of Paxful, Ray Youseff, said that now it would be easy for the wallet users to buy and use Bitcoin. He further said that at the global level the ownership of Bitcoin is trending rapidly. With respect to that, Youseff mentioned that as an industry, it is their responsibility to develop more products related to cryptocurrencies which could be used for real-life use cases.

Additionally, Youseff said that those cases could help to stimulate the real-life adoption of Bitcoin.

In the future, Vietnam could also take advantage of Infinito and Paxful, as both the companies have been planning to grow their business in that market. According to the companies, the Bitcoin investor community would increase rapidly in the Vietnamese market.

Regarding this expansion, the director of Infinito, Jack Nguyen, said, “We’re extremely pleased to be Paxful’s first-ever crypto wallet partner to enable Bitcoin ownership for even more people all over the world and penetrate the Vietnam market”.

New-Comers Attracted Towards Crypto At The Time Of Crisis

The companies would be introducing a crypto investment competition soon around the world. The competition would attract many newcomers and that will help the companies to analyse the crypto-world before making an investment.

Youseff mentioned that since the COVID-19 crisis has hit the world, the newcomers started becoming part of crypto investment.

He asserted that after the crisis some people have been ousted from their jobs and some have left it willingly. As they are staying at home, people are searching for other opportunities that could help them in earning income. Currently, they believe that crypto and peer-to-peer finance would be beneficial for them because it solves one basic problem of payment in this time of crisis.

After Vietnam, Paxful might expand its business to India, Russia, a few countries of Latin America and Southeast Asia.

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