Interactive Brokers Chairman Thomas Peterffy Admits Investing in Crypto 

Sahaj  |  Jul 23, 2021

Thomas Peterffy, the Founder and Chairman of Interactive Brokers has recently revealed that he had made an investment in crypto for himself. Also, he did mention the surging interest of the clients of his company in crypto assets.

Thomas Peterffy Reveals Investment in Crypto

Thomas Peterffy is a businessman who was born in Hungarian and most recently, he has admitted during an interview conducted by CNBC that he has made not significantly much, but some investment in cryptocurrencies. 

Though he mentioned the fact that he is still doubtful of the future of digital assets, he can not deny the possibility of cryptocurrencies and digital assets becoming the future of transactions. He said:

“Even I myself have put a little bit of money into crypto, because even though chances are, I think, that this is not going to be a viable market, I think that there’s a small chance that this will be a dominant currency, so you have to play the odds.”

Earlier, it was reported that Peterffy has released a statement asking Bitcoin to maintain distance from the real economy. 

Now, the tables have turned, as he mentioned that crypto-assets do have great potential but only if the governments and regulatory bodies allow their free usage and trade.

Here is Why Bitcoin Might Bounce Back From Here

After facing the backlash from Elon Musk-owned Tesla and crypto crackdown in China, the price of Bitcoin along with the whole crypto market has been facing downwards. 

As of now, Bitcoin has managed to reclaim the mark of $33K, marking a 1.5% jump in a day.

According to popular crypto analyst CRYPTO₿IRB, it has been observed that there has been a full reset on the trend and momentum. He said:

“NUPL suggests it’s as oversold as in September 2019 or September 2020 when it was trading at 6-9k USD. We’re lucky if we get 23-24k but the market is ready for major bounce and final leg up in November-December imo.”

However, he did mention that technically, Bitcoin would first need to acquire the 50-day moving average which sits at $35,200.

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