InterConctinental Hotel Group Issues Health Protection Certificate Using VeChain’s Technology

July 13, 2020      Jyoti Singh

InterConctinental Hotel Group, whose total revenue in the year 2019, was $4.627 billion, has started using VeChain blockchain technology through DNV GL’s MyCare tool.

With the help of this technology, now the international hotel group can issue a hotel industry-standard public health protection certificates to its guests as well as its employees, reported Guangming Daily.

2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference

The certificate would be a guarantee which will tell whether the person’s life is secured or not. And during this COVID pandemic time, the certificate would help the hotel to recognize whether a person is suffering from any disease.

The certificate would develop confidence and trust among the hotel management and their guests.

The blockchain and digital technology used by the InterConctinental Hotel Group would allow them to welcome their guests.

On July 09, during the ‘2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference’, which was organized in Shanghai, Guangming Daily get to know that the international hotel group is planning to do so.

The official state mouthpiece of the Chinese government, Guangming Daily, also found that soon an ecological community would be developed in the municipal city of China, Shanghai, with the help of blockchain technology. Further, it has been notified that since the year 2020, has been started, most people living in that city have started integrating the blockchain technology into their livelihood. 

Additionally, it has been reported that as the pandemic period continues, many developers introduced several applications which not only enhances people’s protection but also their health and safety.

InterConctinental Hotel Group Takes Help Of MyCare App

The information regarding the InterConctinental Hotel Group has been revealed by Fatalexe, who is also a VeChain ecosystem supporter.

While announcing on twitter, Fatalexe mentioned that InterConctinental Hotel Group has started using VeChain’s blockchain technology via an app called MyCare, and this app is co-created by VeChain and DNV GL.

Currently, the spread of COVID-19 pandemic in China is under control and most of the hotels around the country are planning to restart their operations. But as they start their services, they need to make sure their customers are safe, therefore, the hotels are searching for appropriate means which could guarantee them the protection of their employees and guests.

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