IOHK Releases New Cardano DB Sync 4.0.0 Upgrade On GitHub

Jyoti  |  Aug 19, 2020

The parent company of Cardano blockchain technology, IOHK technology company, on August 18, introduced the new updates on the Github page for improving the operation of its blockchain network. 

Cardano developer, Christened Cardano, released the new upgraded version of its tech called DB Sync 4.0.0. on the official page of IOHK Github. 

DB Sync 4.0.0 Compatible With Cardano Node 1.18.0

The newly-launched update of IOHK technology intends to improve the Cardano blockchain network and also revamp any kind of bug issue in it. 

Along with it, the DB Sync 4.0.0 will also fix the issues like stake deregistration, end times data, stake ordering, etc.

The information IOHK posted on the Github page specifies that some of the additional database designs, which include raw hexadecimal transaction address, transaction metadata, raw stake address, and certificate index within a transaction, have also been introduced by the DB Sync 4.0.0. 

The new upgrade includes breaking changes like the integration of raw address and renaming of stake_address.hash. It has been mentioned in the post that if there is a stake_address table then it would be linked to the raw address. For instance, the address name is stake_address.hash when linked with raw address then its name will be changed to stake_address.hash_raw.

By doing so, the users can secure the raw address along with the rendered address. 

It is to be noted that the newly-introduced DB Sync 4.0.0 is compatible with Cardano Node 1.18.0. 

Stake Deregistration Shifted To Correct Table

With the launch of DB Sync 4.0.0. the registration table issue has been fixed. Now, the stake deregistrations have been shifted to the correct table and issues related to certificate orders have also been revamped.

IOHK in its post has mentioned that for every rollback, a new corrected stake_address registration handling will be issued by the network. Additionally, it has stated that earlier, the consumers were facing problems with the time period but now that matter has also been resolved.

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