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The crypto space has grown to constitute thousands of cryptocurrencies that present innovative concepts and offer unimaginable efficiencies in services across various industries. Among those many currencies, IOTA is one such crypto token that caught the attention of many with its ingenious concept and use cases. Iota is a cryptocurrency created to be used in the internet of things, allowing trading data streams and secure sales, without any transaction fees and miners for operation management. Iota intends to solve cryptocurrencies, such as mining costs, lack of scalability, and low transaction speed. At Cryptoknowmics, we make it our responsibility to offer well-researched and unbiased information on the budding crypto sector. There are several platforms giving information on IOTA crypto news today. Among these, Cryptoknowmics is the leading platform that provides IOTA latest news and keeps everyone updated with recent IOTA prices.

IOTA Technical Analysis: Reversal Within Triangle Hopes Bullish Breakout

The IOTA coin price shows a bullish reversal within the descending triangle, which shows increased chances of the trendl ...

|Jan 11, 2022
IOTA Technical Analysis: Bulls Go Berserk With Trendline Breakout 

The bullish outbreak increases the IOTA coin price above the long-coming resistance trendline and aims to overcome the $ ...

|Dec 29, 2021
IOTA Technical Analysis: Rising Trend Breaks Bearish Barriers

IOTA coin price shows a bullish outbreak as it finds demands near the psychological support level at $1 and aims to show ...

|Dec 22, 2021
IOTA Technical Analysis: 25% Price Jump Awaits $1.20 Breakout

The sudden reversal in the IOTA coin price after the 10% fall brings huge bullish attention that can drive the prices to ...

|Dec 17, 2021
IOTA Technical Analysis: Small Valleys Obvious, Look at Next Two Days for a Breakout

IOTA is a distributed ledger with one big difference: it isn’t actually a blockchain. Instead, its proprietary technolog ...

|Nov 18, 2021
IOTA Technical Analysis: Resistance at $1.45, a Strong Bearish Signal

IOTA is a type of cryptocurrency. However, it is not exactly a blockchain. It has a different proprietary technology kno ...

|Oct 12, 2021
IOTA Technical Analysis: Bullish Trendline Breakout Can Hit $2 

IOTA token price trades close to the resistance trend line. However, the fall in underlying bearishness projects a bulli ...

|Oct 8, 2021
IOTA Technical Analysis: Buyers Expect the Price in the $0.91-$0.97 Range

The active growth trend in the IOTA market has not been interrupted since March 2020. The IOTA price is confidently and ...

|Sep 29, 2021
IOTA Technical Analysis: Trend Line Retest Aims to Hit $2.5

IOTA token price retests the bullish breakout of a resistance trend line. A bull run awaits that can hit the $2.5 mark o ...

|Sep 25, 2021
MIOTA Technical Analysis: Trading Above the Support Level of $1.41, Tested the Level Twice Daily

MIOTA (IOTA) is a distributed ledger on the proprietary technology which is known as Tangle. There is no fee that has to ...

|Sep 18, 2021
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