Is It Worth Investing With Swing Trading in the Cryptocurrency Market?
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Is It Worth Investing With Swing Trading in the Cryptocurrency Market?

November 20, 2020      Deepshikha Gupta

For those who know what Swing Trading is, then the short answer is a big YES to start investing in swing trading in the cryptocurrency market. And, for all the neophytes reading it, let’s first see what these terms mean and how traders are making money out of it.

Knowing that cryptocurrencies are very sensitive to fake news, one has to keep a constant eye in order to receive more gains. And of course, many traders fall into the trap easily because of a little miscalculation. One can take the help of multiple marketing tools available to do the technical analysis, but the key is one must understand the patterns displayed necessarily.

Swing Trading is a marketing strategy said to be the right fit for newcomers. The technique helps the trader to get through the moves of the market. The ideology followed by the Swing Trading market is to clutch the “swing” of the market. One gets the advantage of greater price swings of the market.

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How to Make Money by Investing with Swing Trading Technique?

The way is to catch the price swings that may exist from a few days to several weeks. Fundamentally analyzing the event play over weeks Swing Traders hold the currency. Ideally, Swing Traders hold comparatively higher than Day Traders but less than buy and hold investors.

Buy and Hold investors are the typical investors just like in mutual funds, who hold the currencies into their wallets and sell only when in colossal gains. On the other hand, Day Traders enter and exit on the same day of trading. The term Day Trading originated from the stock market and signifies the trading that opens only on business days of the week.

Swing Trading in the Cryptocurrency Market_
  • Swing Traders depend upon technical analysis to generate trade ideas.
  • Swing Traders look for charts and time frames that include candlestick patterns, technical indicators, etc. A robust uptrend and downtrend have to be established on the chart to make the entry and exit in trading.
  • Swing Traders are known to make larger moves than day traders in the market.

If you are planning to start with Swing Trading and are completely new, then the first step you can take is to start analyzing the price moves of the market. Once you get comfortable with the price fluctuations in the market, then you can start investing in any cryptocurrency exchange(s).

Difference Between Day Traders and Swing Traders

In simple terms, Day Traders are known for making short-term moves at the prices. They follow active strategies in coordination with the market. Where they monitor the market on an hourly basis since day traders do not leave the position open even for a single day. Day Traders exclusively use technical analysis.

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Swing Traders on the other hand are known for making long-term moves as these traders are interested in investing for longer periods than Day Traders. As Swing Trader’s goal is to profit from price movements that usually take longer to play, they are curious about both technical and fundamental analysis of the market.

Which Trading Strategy to Go For?

Well, it mainly depends upon the type of personality you have. If you want a shorter but maximum number of profits, then Day Trading will be a good strategy. Whereas, if you are good at keeping your mind calm and strategic, then Swing Trading can pay you well.

Opting for the trading strategies can also depend on what you are good at. Whether you are good at analyzing the technicality of the trades, or you are good at the prediction using the fundamental strategies of trading? Answering these questions can crave the way for you. 

All of this can be achieved by practicing analyzing. The term “Swing Trading” is used in the stock market as well as in trading in cryptocurrencies. It would be of great benefit to learn the risk associated with all these first while planning to step into these trading strategies.

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Deepshikha Gupta
Deepshikha Gupta

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