Jeju Island Requires Tourists to Mandatory Use COVID-19 Blockchain App
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Jeju Island Requires Tourists to Mandatory Use COVID-19 Blockchain App

August 20, 2020      Vandana Malik

Jeju Island, a South Korean tourist island, has mandated that all the tourists need to use the COVID-19 blockchain app. This island is one of the most popular tourist destinations across South Korea. Through this app, the COVID-19 contact tracing will become quite convenient and secure. 

Jeju province announced on August 19, that they had signed an agreement with ICONLOOP. ICONLOOP is a South Korean blockchain company, and it will help to introduce this blockchain app. 

Jeju Island tourists will have to download Zzeung mobile app

According to the announcement, the tourists at Jeju island will have to download the Zzeung mobile app as soon as they arrive on the island. Through this app, they will be required to verify their identity through the Korean telecom service. Once verified, the person will receive a verifiable credential, ensuring that there is not any kind of forgery. The app will also require all the visitors to set up either a fingerprint authentication or a PIN code. This information will be stored privately on the blockchain network.

This mobile app has been called innovative financial service by the Financial Services Commission of the country. It has been revealed that Jeju island is also called “bit island” because of its extensive use of technology. 

Safe and representative tourist destination in Korea

All the visitor’s data that will be stored on the blockchain network will remain private until and unless any COVID-19 case is identified. Jeju Island has specified that it will be expanding operations by including more than 50 private businesses to the network. 

Tae-bong Lim, Health and Welfare Director at Jeju Self-Governing Province, has given statements about this app. He said,

“Through this new infectious disease prevention system, Jeju Island will be able to be reborn as a safe and representative tourist destination in Korea.”

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Vandana Malik
Vandana Malik

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