John McAfee Dismisses His Own $1M BTC Price Prediction
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John McAfee Dismisses His Own $1M BTC Price Prediction

June 1, 2020      Vandana Malik

John McAfee, a crypto advocate has recently criticized his own bullish predictions regarding the price of the largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. McAfee has earlier predicted that BTC price will hit $1 million, which he now rejects. In a recent tweet, he has called his own prediction senseless and urged people to not believe this prediction made by him.

McAfee compared North America’s GDP to his forecast 

While rejecting his predictions, McAfee has compared the complete GDP of North America with his earlier forecast related to Bitcoin price. He has said that his prediction should be considered as a joke and not anything else. He has tweeted that the market capitalization of Bitcoin would be much higher than the GDP of complete North America if its price will reach $1 million in future. He clearly does not withstand his own words and also alarmed the crypto users to wake up and believe it to be futile.

Is Bitcoin a damaged crypto technology 

As McAfee has rejected his predictions, he has also tweeted regarding the nature of Bitcoin by saying that it is one of the most damaged crypto technologies. It has been assumed that earlier when he predicted the BTC price to reach $1 million was a trick in order to attract new users. He has also introduced his own cryptocurrency, Ghost because of which he has made this false prediction. He believes that his cryptocurrency can easily attract a huge amount of users and this will be more rapid than Bitcoin.

Now rejecting his own prediction is another trick by him in order to urge crypto users to leave Bitcoin and join his privacy-focused cryptocurrencies. Earlier McAfee has also admitted that his idea of launching cryptocurrency i.e. Ghost is not his original and that he has copied it from coin PIVX.

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Vandana Malik
Vandana Malik

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