Justin Sun Announces Three New DeFi Products

July 4, 2020      Vandana Malik

Justin Sun, the CEO of TRON has announced the launch of three new DeFi products on Friday i.e. July 03. The three new products are JUST Swap, JUST BTC and JUST Lend. He has also specified that all these JUST tokens will serve as a native coin of the firm’s ecosystem. It was also mentioned in the tweet that all the TRON users will be able to earn interests with the help of JUST Lend. Along with this, it will also help them to borrow digital assets against collaterals. Each product has been developed for different purpose as JUST Swap will help the users with token exchange while JUST BTC is a TRC 20 token which has been pegged with BTC.

Sun Announces Products Amid Storm of Interest in DeFi Market

While announcing the launch of these DeFi products, Sun has shown his complete excitement of integrating these products into the TRON ecosystem. It has been seen that this announcement is coming during the time when there is a huge storm of interest in the whole DeFi market. Sun has earlier announced a stablecoin project also called Djed which was backed by USD. However, a lot of people have said that this is not something unique as it is similar to MakerDAO which is a DeFi lending protocol based on Ethereum. 

TRON whitepaper is plagiarised 

It has been seen that a lot of people have criticised Sun for copying ideas from other projects and not inventing something new. There are several accusations which state that TRON’s whitepaper includes plagiarism. For this, he has also given clarification by saying that the whitepaper of TRON has been written in the Chinese language. Along with this, he has also mentioned that during the whole translation process of the whitepaper, some of the really essential elements were missing from it.

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Vandana Malik
Vandana Malik

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