Kate Winslet to Star in Crypto Scheme Movie on OneCoin’s Ponzi Scheme
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Kate Winslet to Star in Crypto Scheme Movie on OneCoin’s Ponzi Scheme

October 10, 2020      Jafrin Ahmed

Founded in 2014, Kate Winslet is back into the tech world with her newest crypto-themed movie on OneCoin’s Ponzi Scheme.

After portraying a role of an Apple executive Joanna Hoffman in the 2015 film “Steve Jobs,” Kate Winslet will now play a victim of OneCoin’s historic Ponzi scheme in her latest movie “Fake!,” written and directed by Scott Z. Burns.

Based on a True Story

The movie is based on the forthcoming book by Jen McAdam and Douglas Thompson, a real-life story on McAdam’s family involvement with the crypto scam.

The academy award-winner will play Jen McAdam in the movie “Fake!.” Jen will be the executive producer for the film adaptation as well. Currently, the book is being shopped around to publishers for this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair.

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The Ponzi scheme netted a whopping revenue of around $4.4 billion while some even claiming that the scheme could have stolen up to $19.4 billion. McAdam was a victim of the scam where she and her friends invested and lost close to $300k.

Juiciest of Crypto Drama

When McAdam invested in the disappearance of Onecoin’s leader, Dr. Ruja Ignatova on a podcast called The Missing Cryptoqueen, she received death threats and even threats of sexual assault from the members of OneCoin. At that time, Jen couldn’t believe that OneCoin was such a massive scam.

Dr. Ruja Ignatova was the public face for OneCoin. She disappeared in 2017 while scamming her investors worth billions of dollars. As of today, her whereabouts are still unknown. Currently, most of OneCoin’s members and their leaders have disappeared or have been arrested, excluding its leader Ruja Ignatova.

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Founded in 2014, OneCoin was a Bulgaria-based company with a typical structure of a multilevel marketing scheme with no products or memberships marketed to its investors, instead of a cryptocurrency that its promoters claimed to be the next Bitcoin.

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