Kikitrade launches a New Commission-Free Social Trading App
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Kikitrade launches a New Commission-Free Social Trading App

October 5, 2020      Varinder Singh

Cryptocurrency has now become one of the most preferred tools of digital assets. Its complexity or volatility, however, keeps the everyday investors from utilizing these asset classes to its utmost potential. Bitcoin and its large market cap still cater mostly to the professional traders, speculators, or early adopters.

Kikitrade solves these by catering its service to the mass market through a friendly user experience design and a promising tech.

Introduction of Kikitrade App for the Investors

The company took over a year to design the Kikitrade app by trying out and comparing hundreds of investment apps from all over the world.
Likely to be one of the best social trading apps for everyday investors, Kikitrade allows the possibility to trade cryptocurrency with as little as US$1.
Besides promising for sleeker user experience, the app allows zero commission with no hidden transaction fees, now and forever. For the idle funds, lying around, users can deposit to earn up to an annual interest payout of 5.5%. Serving not only as a trading app, but its social trading feature also nurtures a crypto community for anyone seeking skills or education on cryptocurrency and other technical know-how.

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Users can also access a personalized flow of aggregated market news from major media outlets, visualized trading indicators, as well as free tutorial videos. Meanwhile, its Heroes function allows users to compare the historical returns and real-time positions of the community’s best traders verified by Kikitrade.

Kikitrade is a licensed crypto exchange license in Australia, (making it one of the very few companies) while complying with one of the world’s highest standards of KYC, AML, asset segregation, custodian, auditing, company governance, and clients’ protection. To provide the utmost level of security and industry-grade wallet, Kikitrade teamed up with a Swiss-based crypto bank for an insured custodian solution and an Israeli-based cybersecurity firm for penetration tests.
Meanwhile, Kikitrade has assembled an army of senior engineers, financial architects, and blockchain specialists, with over 10 years of working experience in Alipay, Meituan, ByteDance, Credit Suisse, Macquarie, and Goldman Sachs.

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