KingSwap Announces its Advisory Board
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KingSwap Announces its Advisory Board

October 13, 2020      Vandana Malik

KingSwap, a regulated Defi project, has recently announced its advisory board. These board members include Michael Terpin, founder at BitAngles and Transform Group, Robert Choi, founder and CEO of MKTForum, Lean Startup Korea and Lionel Iruk, Managing Partner. All these advisors have joined the firm to build up the high-yield liquidity platform of the project. It is also revealed that KingSwap will be launched on Uniswap by the end of this month. 

Advisory Board is Committed to Supporting KingSwap Project

Ho Chin Shin, Board Director at KingSwap, has said that all the advisors that have been added to the advisory board are having a great experience of excellence. Along with this, he has mentioned that these members are committed to support the project in accomplishing its goals. The project is aiming to advance the decentralized finance space, way too further. 

Dr. Anish Mohammed, CTO at KingSwap, has said that the firm is highly excited to have the support of all the new members to the advisory board. He stated, “We’re excited to have their support as we prepare for the launch of this exciting new DEX.” 

Members or Advisory Board are Par Excellence

It has been seen that the members of the advisory boards are par excellence as they come with an impressive experience. Michael Terpin who is the founder and CEO of Transform Group has represented around 250 cryptocurrency companies which includes several prominent ones as well. Another member after Terpin is Lionel Iruk who has worked as a lead counsel and legal advisor for a lot of cryptocurrency and Defi projects. Not only these two, all the members who have joined the advisory board are coming with great experience and are aiming to fulfill the goals of KingSwap and take the project to another heights.

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Vandana Malik
Vandana Malik

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