Kleiman’s Legal Team Gets New Evidence, Can Prove CSW Filed List Is Wright’s Fabrication
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Kleiman’s Legal Team Gets New Evidence, Can Prove CSW Filed List Is Wright’s Fabrication

May 28, 2020      Jyoti Singh

The legal team of Kleiman estate has recently, filed a notice of supplementary evidence which proves that the 145 addresses claimed by Craig Wright are not under his control.

Craig Wright Purposefully Presented CSW Filed List

The legal team mentioned that the new evidence verifies the ‘CSW Filed List’ is actually a fabricated list which has been purposefully presented by Wright.  

During his partnership with Dave Kleiman, Wright allegedly mined Bitcoin, that is the reason the Kleiman estate is now filing a petition against him.

On May 24, an unknown bitcoin miner sent messages that are signed with private keys to those addresses which have been recorded on CSW Filed List, stating that Wright is a fraud. The message by the unknow actor also claimed that Wright did not have the private keys which are used by the unknown miner to sign the message.  

According to the report, the miner’s coins were mined between May 10, 2009, and January 10, 2010. It is to be noted that the mined coins have earned the original block reward of 50 BTC whose worth was around $64 million.

Plaintiffs Files ‘CSW Filed List’ On Public Docket

While quoting the declaration of Andreas Antonopoulos, a Bitcoin expert, the complainant stated that until the messenger did not have the private key to the listed addresses it can not sign a message.

Some of the supporters of Bitcoin SV have claimed that the recent message signed with the private key has been sent by Greg Maxwell, an early developer of Bitcoin because he has some conflict with Wright.

Calvin Ayre, the billionaire benefactor of BSV, believed that the addresses are neither on the official list nor the sealed list or final list.

Although the complainants have admitted that by mistake they have filed the CSW Filed List on the public docket, they also gave the access of 145 addresses to an unknown person.

Earlier, the plaintiffs have already stated that the CSW Filed List was a forgery from Wright’s side, as he wanted to mislead the plaintiffs and the court.

They added that the new evidence would prove that Wright’s list was not accurate and he has been trying to hide the true list from the court.

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