LANL’s Researchers Develop New AI System To Detect Illicit Crypto Mining

Jyoti  |  Aug 26, 2020

A group of researchers has created a new AI system to identify the malicious code that is used by the hackers to hijack the supercomputers for illegally mining cryptocurrencies.

Miners Hide Process Of Hijacking

According to an announcement, the new system developed by the researchers at US-based Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) would quickly detect the illegal mining activities that are being operated through supercomputers.

One of the researchers at LANL in the US, Gopinath Chennupati, has recently said,

“Based on recent computer break-ins in Europe and elsewhere, this type of software watchdog will soon be crucial to prevent cryptocurrency miners from hacking into high-performance computing facilities and stealing precious computing resources.”

To mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero, the miners accumulate arrays of computers to generate a huge amount of computing power. 

It is to be noted that while mining cryptocurrencies, miners focus on using the high computational capability of supercomputers.

The report further stated that they also work on hiding the process of hijacking the supercomputers for mining.

AI System To Compare Graphs

LANL, while talking about its newly designed AI system, said that it would help in analyzing the programs that are used by hackers to hijack supercomputers. The US-based lab also stated that the system would analyze the program on the basis of its graph, which would act as a fingerprint for software.

LANL further explained its statement and asserted that at the time of the investigation, the investigating agency analyses the fingerprints of criminals to catch it. Similarly, while investigating illegal mining activities, the AI system would analyze the flow-control graph of the program.

When the researchers tested the AI system, they found that compared to the non-AI analyses, the newly developed system identifies the illegal mining activities more fastly. 

Additionally, the researchers have claimed that the newly introduced system’s approach totally depends on graph comparison, therefore, now, it would be hard for illicit crypto miners to deceive them.

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