MaiCapital Announces Launch Of Second Crypto Hedge Fund

Jyoti  |  May 30, 2020, 4:07 pm
MaiCapital Announces Launch Of Second Crypto Hedge Fund

The second quantitative crypto-themed hedge fund of MaiCapital has been introduced with an aim to trace the performance of Bitcoin and surpass it in different market condition.

Only Qualified Professionals Are Allowed To Invest

MaiCapital, which is a certified blockchain by SFC, is considered to be an alternative for an investment manager in Hong Kong. The institutional investment practices are connected to the new crypto space with the help of MaiCapital.

While making an announcement regarding its second crypto-themed hedge fund, MaiCapital, stated, “Building on the success of its first crypto-themed hedge fund, the Blockchain Opportunity Fund, which has 14+ months of auditable track record, MaiCapital continues to employ its SFC-compliant operation and proprietary trading strategies to manage the Bitcoin+ Investment Fund, the firm said in a statement”.

The firm further has stated that only the qualified professional investors could invest their funds into MaiCapital.

MaiCapital Merges With Sidely Austin

A few days ago, Joseph Jeong became the part of MaiCapital as the portfolio manager of the firm. While sharing his views he mentioned that one could already find a bit of ‘buy and hold’ Bitcoin funds in the market which are managed passively.

He further said that the new hedge fund would trace the performance of Bitcoin and then surpass it in different market conditions.

Before co-founding the hedge fund and institutional brokerage, for 25 years Jeong was the part of UBS, Credit Suisse and Deutsche bank.

A report suggests that the new hedge fund uses the quantitative algorithms which would help to enhance the decisions related to investment and make an investment in Bitcoin, equities, derivatives and other related vehicles of Bitcoin. The algorithms would also be used to generate different exposure levels for Bitcoin price. 

In order to maintain the Fund management, MaiCapital collaborated with Sidley Austin, the popular law firm, who would now be the legal advisor of funds. 

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