Mark Cuban Invests in Polygon as the Team Launches MATIC SDK

May 27, 2021      Sahaj Sharma

Mark Cuban has recently invested in Polygon (MATIC) as the team announced regarding the launch of the MATIC SDK which will be allowing the developers to deploy Ethereum-connected chains. The Ethereum layer-2 solution commonly known as Matic Network has recently released the first version of its network enabling the developers to deploy ETH-compatible chains using the EVM.

Polygon MATIC Network SDK Arrives

The developers will now be able to deploy chains that are compatible with Ethereum using the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). 

It is dubbed Polygon SDK and it marks the beginning of the transition of Ethereum into a multi-chain ecosystem.

Earlier this year, an announcement was made by the team regarding the rebranding of the network from Matic Network to Polygon. Ever since then, the team has tried to turn Ethereum into an Internet of Blockchains project similar to Polkadot.

Following the release of the Polygon SDK network, it has come a step closer, moreover, the press release shared with a leading market aggregator noted the introduction of the first season. 

It marked:

“The official beginning of Ethereum’s natural transition into a multi-chain ecosystem often referred to as an ‘Internet of Blockchains.”

Mark Cuban Invests in Polygon SDK Network

In addition to the recent release of the Polygon SDK network, the team made an announcement regarding another notable development just yesterday.

The project indicated on Twitter that the billionaire investor, Mark Cuban has recently invested a significant amount in the project.

However, it has not been revealed yet how much amount has been invested by the billionaire investor in the project.

The owner of the Dallas Mavericks, who most recently joined the crypto community, has recently added Polygon to its website. 

The website shows the list of companies in which the investor has invested his money and allocated funds.

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Sahaj Sharma
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