Max Keiser Believe Bitcoin Can Do Anything That Altcoins Are Capable Of

June 1, 2020   (0)   Jyoti Singh

For most investors, Bitcoin has become a key asset since its 2017 crypto bull market period when it reached the peak.

The percentage of cryptocurrency market shared by BTC is called Bitcoin dominance. Compared to the altcoin projects, Bitcoin dominance has increased by 33 percent in recent times. This happened because of the funding issues and lack public interest with the altcoin projects.

However, there are still thousands of altcoin projects that promise to be the next BTC.

Bitcoin Better Than Altcoins

Recently, the host of the Keiser Report on RT, Max Keiser stated that these altcoin projects did not have any basic values.

One of the earliest Bitcoiners, while sharing his views with Brian Rose in an interview with London Real, explained that there hasn’t been any crypto-asset which could be equivalent to BTC.

Keiser further mentioned to Brian that no coin in the market could do anything new which Bitcoin has not done already or could do in the future. He added that Bitcoin not only has a maximum crypto share in the market but also the maximum hash power for the security of the Bitcoin and that is the reason it is considered better than the altcoins.

Altcoin Investors More Interested In Money

The co-founder of Digg and general partner at True Ventures, Kevin Rose, also promoted  Bitcoin while comparing it with altcoins.

Kevin shared his views with TechCrunch and stated that although altcoin is technically developed and has funding which worth billions of dollars, still there are problems.

He further said that altcoin has 99 percent of the projects but the investors of those projects are just there for financial gains only.

In the year 2013, Google Ventures’ investment in Ripple organised a funding round which was led by Kevin Rose.

Steve Burns, a stock trader or analyst, also echoed his sentiments and stated, “99.9% of altcoins are going to $0 [… over a] buy and hold timeframe.” Burns added that felt that so because according to him, altcoins have zero value.

Some of the technical evidence claims that in the future the Bitcoin would surpass altcoins.

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