Mediterranean Hospital Gives COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate Through E-HCert App
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Mediterranean Hospital Gives COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate Through E-HCert App

January 7, 2021      Vandana Malik

Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus has recently announced that they have vaccinated 100 doctors and personnel and they have given certificates for the same. According to a report, the hospital is using E-HCert blockchain-based app developed in Cyprus, to give the COVID-19 vaccine certificates.

According to Mediterranean Hospital, the first dose of the vaccine was administered on January 04, 2020. This hospital is not the only one as there are claims that Aretaeio Hospital in Nicosia, might also make this kind of announcement, this week only.

Mediterranean Hospital Believes This to be a Return to Normalcy 

According to the statement given by Mediterranean Hospital, the vaccine is a step to help people return to normalcy. The E-HCert app uses VeChainThor, which helps it to bring versatility and convenience. Dimitris Neocleous, ecosystem manager at VeChain, has said:

“With every country trying to create its own app, the use of VeChainThor (via the E-HCert App) as a single and immutable source of truth brings value, versatility, and convenience for the return to normalcy.”

All the people who are already vaccinated, have received their digital certificates for it on the app. The app helps in assuring both the quality and validity of the complete health datastore on it. 

E-HCert Was Launched in June 2020

E-HCert was jointly developed by I-Dante consultancy and VeChainThor Blockchain and was first launched in June 2020. During that time, it was for Covid-19 RT-PCR Tests results and was used by more than 8,000 people. The app has been developed in such a way that it can safely store comprehensive health data without any complications. There has been a huge demand from healthcare authorities across the world, for proper management of patient health care data. Blockchain plays a prominent role to fulfill this requirement efficiently and it will become the choice of a majority of firms across the world.

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Vandana Malik
Vandana Malik

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