MetaMask Changes Open-Source Approach, Adopts Tiered Proprietary License
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MetaMask Changes Open-Source Approach, Adopts Tiered Proprietary License

August 22, 2020      Jyoti Singh

Popular Ethereum wallet MetaMask has announced that it replaced an open-source approach with a tiered proprietary license on August 20. 

The company has notified that the users would not have to worry about the new changes, in fact, they are allowed to use MetaMask freely as they were using it earlier. 

Join MetaMask Licensing Agreement

According to the new license, any of the organizations using the MetaMask code to offer their commercial services to 10,000 and more monthly users, would be required to join the licensing agreement.

Regarding this, the lead developer Dan Finlay has said that MetaMask could not afford to offer free reign of its code to other companies for their own purpose.

Further, while talking about Ethereum’s volatile nature, Finlay said, “Despite open-source software solving critical shared problems, fair compensation for the maintenance of these community goods remains a problem, with many different sustainability attempts—from donations to grants, to copyleft licenses.”

Browsers Forking MetaMask’s Pattern

It has been reported that after into a license agreement with MetaMask, the organizations would not have to compromise with their services. 

In fact, the company in its announcement has mentioned that it would regularly offer code to the organizations for inspection and auditing.  

Finlay further has specified that they have created the principles of open-source development in a way that it complies with auditable code. The leade developer mentioned that the right to come to the enterprise agreement is reserved for those distributors who use MetaMask to serve over 10,000 users. 

In this way, free-riders would not be able to use the MetaMask.

The Head of Product at MetaMask Jacob Cantele, while explaining free-riders stated that at times many of the browsers develop a spin-off of MetaMask with the same pattern which forces the users to replace MM with a browser which offers services like MM.

He claimed that browsers like Brave are doing the same, it has developed the same patterns which are blockchain MM’s usage among the users.

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