Microsoft Partners With Intel to Detect Cryptojacking on Devices

Jafrin  |  Apr 27, 2021

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, an enterprise for advanced security solutions has teamed up with Intel to use its threat detection technology in order to combat illicit cryptocurrency mining or cryptojacking. Specifically, Microsoft will use Intel Threat Detection Technology or TDT with the processing power of CPUs for detecting cryptojacking malware.

Microsoft Partners With Intel to Combat Against Cryptojacking

Intel and Microsoft are collaborating to help enterprise and small business customers prevent security issues such as cryptojacking.

Per an official press release, Microsoft’s endpoint security software will now use Intel’s Threat Detection Technology (TDT) to detect illicit cryptocurrency mining on customers’ devices.

Apparently, Intel Threat Detection Technology (TDT) will be integrated into Microsoft Defender For Endpoint, “that enhances the detection capability and protection against cryptojacking malware.”

The expansion will help protect users against cryptojacking, where malware is injected to access the power or resources of personal or business computers for cryptocurrency mining and even stealing cryptocurrency wallets.

Commenting on the collaboration, Karthik Selvaraj, principal security research manager at Microsoft, said:

“This partnership is one example of our ongoing investment and deep collaboration with technology partners across the industry. As organizations look to simplify their security investments, built-in platform-based security technologies, such as the integration of Intel TDT with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, combine best of breed in a streamlined solution.”

Intel's Latest Tech to Detect Malicious Cryptojacking Malware

Intel’s latest technology intends to accurately detect malware regardless of the malicious code’s obfuscation techniques.

Cryptojacking involves the illicit use of another person or entity’s PC for mining cryptocurrency often deployed through malware or compromised sites.

Cryptojacking is similar to like that of normal crypto mining, however, it depends on the victim’s computer's resources while receiving the cryptocurrencies gained from mining back to its own wallet.

This could drastically reduce the speed of a computer. The cryptojackers can use a single device or large network where businesses could have hundreds or thousands of devices.

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