MSI Unleashes its Own NVIDIA CMP 3-HX Crypto Mining Graphic Cards
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MSI Unleashes its Own NVIDIA CMP 3-HX Crypto Mining Graphic Cards

May 12, 2021      Sahaj Sharma

MSI has recently unveiled its brand new NVIDIA CMP 30 HX Miner series graphics cards that are designed specifically for cryptocurrency mining. The graphics card sticks with reference specifications but the miners will be getting the choice to select from two different variants.

MSI to Launch Crypto Mining NVIDIA CMP 30HX Graphic Cards 

It has been previously witnessed with the ASUS and Gigabyte variants of the NVIDIA CMP 30HX graphics cards. Now, MSI  has also revealed its own custom models and added CMP 30HX mining cards to its lineup.

Well, it looks exactly like the mid-range Geforce GTX 1660/1660 Super graphics boards of the NVIDIA company, but lacks the display outputs and cannot be used to render images or video.

The crypto mining graphics card lineup from MSI is coming in two flavors, and both of them are equipped with the Turing TU116-100 GPU and stick with the stock clocks.

Discussing further the board, it is equipped with 6GB of GDDR6 memory featuring a 192-bit interface similar to NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1660-series graphics cards for gaming.

In addition to this, MSI has revealed that its CMP 30 HX Miner XS card uses a custom PCB design that provides increased reliability and buffed-up power circuitry for pushing the card to its limits.

Additional Details Related to Ethereum Hash Rate and Performance

The CMP 30 HX Miner XS card claims an Ethereum hash rate of 26 MH/s but the performance will vary based on certain factors like the temperature of the system while operating and the clock speed.

In comparison to the present crop of GPUs, the measures of the board are small as it is measured 8.1 x 5 x 1.65 in. 

Also, it should be noticed that the MSI CMP 30HX Miner XS is the identical twin of the MSI GeForceGTX 160 Ventus XS and it comes with a single slot I/O plate, a dual-fan cooling system, and a dual-slot design.

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