NBA Top Shot Creates Digital Collectibles for a Team of Rising Stars
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NBA Top Shot Creates Digital Collectibles for a Team of Rising Stars

March 4, 2021      Jafrin Ahmed

NFT marketplace NBA Top Shot has unveiled its 2021 Rising Stars rosters. The Rising Stars Challenge is a basketball game that takes place at the annual All-Star Weekend where veterans and young NBA players compete against each other. To increase revenue in the upcoming NFT market, each of the team members has been turned into a single set of digital collectibles on March 7, the day of the All Star Game.

NBA Top Shot Creates Digital Collectibles for NBA Players

Due to the pandemic, the NBA isn’t doing the game this year. However, the National Basketball Association has released the rosters for the fans.

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Popular players include New Orleans Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson and last year’s Rookie of the Year Ja Morant. They have already sold $100,000 per piece.

The announcement post read:

“In lieu of a Rising Stars game, we at NBA Top Shot, along with the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association, have hand-picked 20 individual Moments from the 2020-21 season to highlight each of the players chosen for the U.S. Team and the World Team.”

NBA Top Shot is the Creator Behind CryptoKitties

The league is still continuing its culture of naming Rising Stars rosters, as seen in previous years. As per the announcement, NBA assistant coaches voted for 10 first- and second-year players from the United States (U.S. Team) with 10 first- and second-year players from the rest of the world (World Team).

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The announcement post continued:

“These Moments, immortalized as digital collectibles on the blockchain, will be available in an unprecedented NBA Top Shot set this weekend. Add your favorites to your collection when packs drop on March 7 or shortly thereafter on the peer-to-peer Marketplace.”

Dapper Labs is the company behind NFT collectible CryptoKitties who also runs NBA Top Shot. In mid-February, the company was in the process of wrapping up a $250 million fundraising round at a valuation of $2 billion.

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