Nigerian Company Patricia Launches Africa’s first Bitcoin ATM Card
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Nigerian Company Patricia Launches Africa’s first Bitcoin ATM Card

March 1, 2020      Shailesh Panwar

Today, Patricia, a firm from Nigeria, started a bitcoin-enabled ATM card termed as ‘PATRICIA BITCOIN ATM CARD’. Some people also noted that it was  Africa’s first Bitcoin card. It formed a global leadership that simplified the way that its new and present customers communicated with Bitcoin, providing them complete financial transactions with the swipe of a card.

The company is providing a simple, unique entry-point with the help of its specialized card. Its system gave both new and old customers an instantaneous facility to take out money immediately from their Naira or BTC wallets, make online transactions, perform POS and withdraw cash.

A More Comprehensive Economy

The Patricia Card would allow the customers to perform immediate transactions without any delay or network problems. The customers could receive funds through their Patricia wallet, which would enable them to save their bitcoins and cash. Also, it enables users to transfer funds to any wallet that are beyond the eco-system.

The firm intended to grasp its insights, user-centric services, engaged new users, reached new segments and markets. This was in addition to the dedication of Patricia towards centred based product growth, financial inclusion, and assisting in offering solutions that enabled an economy which was more comprehensive.

Fejiro Hanu Agbodje, founder of Patricia Technologies Limited cited:

“The thing about the idea is that it should be futuristic and ambitious, but achievable. We know that payments would not (and cannot) change overnight and that there will be a long transitional phase before the world begins to transact in cryptocurrencies completely. That’s why we merge digital infrastructure with current banking infrastructure card and processing.”

He added:

“This is an important step to encourage the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. With Patricia card, our customers across the globe have access to money, buy data, pay bills, make subscriptions and make inshore transactions or over-the-counter. We will enable you to spend your bitcoin everywhere, anytime, and anywhere”.

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Shailesh Panwar
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