Non-Custodian Crypto Wallet Shapeshift Agrees Partnership with Portis Wallet

Olowo by Olowo - 01:34 PM Nov 19, 2019

ShapeShift has just announced its full backings for Portis, an independent multi-blockchain wallet. With this development, users can now create an online wallet with the ShapeShift crypto trading platform within the blink of an eye as well as summing up with support with the present hardware support.

According to ShapeShift CEO, Erik Voorhees, - ShapeShift aims to create a borderless, decentralized financial system for the future, as well integrating the new wallet with a network with which it can be easily accessible.

Hence with the alienation with Portis, ShapeShift can, however, offer hardware that can be easily held, traded as well as consequently monitored without the user surrendering total control to a third-party individual.


Integration of Portis Will Bring Better UI To ShapeShift Wallet

Alongside the implementation of Portis, users can now blend in with the ShapeShift crypto wallet and trading platform. Every one of these happening with just entering the users' mail address and customized password.

Also, users can also boast of a sophisticated all-round encryption structure that allows them to completely control their crypto keys and asserts.

The platform will also give rise to users to uphold lots of cryptocurrency types, including Ethereum, Bitcoins, Litecoins and a load of many others.

Portis Co-founder and CEO Tom Teman, confirms that the integration is simply awesome for the rebuilding of their platform's structure.

As it is, there’s a strong conviction that the ShapeShift was able to convincingly identify that users need to enjoy a worthwhile user experience while on the platform, thereby making it less tedious for crypto lovers to access.

Without mincing words, it is evident that both platform's vision is interwoven and blends just well with each other to catapult both parties to the next level of adoption for users' mainstream. It will be interesting to see how this new initiative is received by the crypto community.


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