Now Indian residents can buy cryptocurrency with INR - Announces crypto wallet Casha

Debarati Ghosh by Debarati Ghosh - 11:50 AM Oct 22, 2019

Cryptocurrency payment wallet Cashaa announced that Indian residents now can buy Bitcoin with Indian Rupees (INR). Well, the launch if Cashaa took place in 2016 and has a large customer base in India. Since the past few years, banks and other financial institutions in India prohibited all the cryptocurrency-related services. And for that Indian investors had a tough time to deal with cryptocurrencies. However, as Indian investors don’t have any access to cryptocurrency via banking, Cashaa will be a perfect solution for crypto enthusiasts.

Cryptocurrency and Indian Crypto Investors

India currently has around 5 Million crypto investors. Cashaa is now providing them a stable platform and expects most investors to buy 2,500 CAS that are required to access the new service. Well, this announcement happened just before the festival Diwali which is the festival of wealth and prosperity. And this can help Cashaa to experience good demand from the Indian market.

Increase in CAS utility

Well, this new service will also be able to increase the CAS utility. And the Cashaa ecosystem enhanced itself with new features as the Cashaa team is working to increase its utility for CAS token.  Now CAS holders across the globe can participate in various staking programs and get a quarterly share of the revenue. And both personal and business owners can get benefit from this.  Cashaa launched its banking service in May 2019. Since then report says it received a large demand that includes more than 700 business sign-ups.

Currently, the CAS token is available on Binance DEX and Cashaa wallet.

What is Cashaa

Cashaa is an online banking platform that manages Fiat and Cryptocurrencies. Cashaa has its headquarter in the UK. it has provided a steady and unique solution to serve the banking needs of the businesses who want to use the new money without cutting themselves from the existing banks, or doing a token sale, running a crypto exchange, ATM or building wallets to bridge crypto and fiat.

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