NOWPayments – The Easiest Way to Accept Crypto Payments
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NOWPayments – The Easiest Way to Accept Crypto Payments

September 18, 2020      Cryptoknowmics

NOWPayments: What is it and for Whom

NOWPayments is a non-custodial crypto payment gateway solution that lets you accept online crypto payments. It features a variety of cryptocurrencies and offers a simple and fast way of accepting bitcoin as payment, as well as 50+ other cryptos. The platform was created by ChangeNOW in 2019.

Now, it supports more than 50 currencies including stablecoins, tokens, as well as popular coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. It also offers an exchange feature (powered by ChangeNOW), which enables merchants to accept crypto of their choice. The company doesn’t hold any limits, and has the most competitive fees on the market. Its interface is most user-friendly and intuitively clear.

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This crypto payment system also provides merchants with a variety of tools that can make crypto payment processing easier and faster. It features API, instant payment notification, widget, and buttons, as well as plugins for WooCommerce, Opencart, WHMCS and a recently added Magento 2 plugin.

This solution is completely custody-free. Therefore, all your payments will be converted to your chosen cryptocurrency and will be instantly transferred to your wallet that only you can have access to.

Features of NOWPayments

Easy Integration

  1. A simple and easy-to-implement API solution enables users to easily and quickly integrate it with their system.
  2. A Range of Tools and Plugins for e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, WHMCS, OpenCart and Magento 2 (and counting) – they are easy-to-install and very efficient.
  3. A donation widget and a variety of buttons. They can be implemented in just 4 simple steps – you just need your API key.
  4. Easy-to-use invoices system
  5. Merchants will also benefit greatly from Instant Payment Notification that makes controlling your payment activities that much easier.
  6. A personal account manager will help merchants along the way – with any issues, requests and promotional activities.
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These features enable merchants to easily accept crypto payments for their online store.


  • Multiple Supported Currencies

More than 50 cryptocurrencies are supported by the platform, including stablecoins, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more. There is the convenient auto-conversion option that enables merchants to accept any cryptocurrency, with customers choosing their preferred one. There is also Fiat conversion.

  • Custody-free Service

The platform instantly transfers your assets to your personal wallet that only you have access to. Being non-custodial, it supports Instant Withdrawal and offers High Transaction speed, which usually takes 2-3 minutes. That being said, users have a 24-hour Payment Window, so they can take their time. As a custody-free service, NOWPayments provides Higher security.

  • Round-the-clock Support

The crypto payment processor provides 24/7 support with a 3-minute response time. A live chat is always available, too. There are two support lines featured, therefore allowing for an efficient problem-solving process. All issues get efficiently resolved.

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NOWPayments: Short Description

  • A transparent dashboard
  • The ability to view your payment history
  • An easy way to generate your API key or use any buttons, widgets or the invoices system
  • You can also enjoy the benefits of the service’s Affiliate program


Interested? Create your account and integrate cryptocurrency payment!

Also, NOWPayments provides a Sandbox program for merchants to try out the platform off the real-world payment systems. It allows you to test everything without sending real money.

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