Nvidia Announces Crypto Mining Cards to Improve Gaming Card Supply

Sahaj  |  Feb 20, 2021

The leader in GPU computing, Nvidia, recently made two big announcements regarding the measures they are going to take to improve gaming card supply. Keeping in mind the unprecedented demand for graphics cards for gamers as well as Ethereum crypto miners, the announcements are believed to be good for both segments of consumers.

Nvidia Made Announcements to Solve the Gaming Card Supply Issue

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for computers and work electronics witnessed a boom. Along with that, the demand for graphics cards also surged, as people were forced to stay inside their houses for the better.

The increase in the demand for gaming computers and PC cards led to the need of restricting the supply of gaming cards. However, not only gamers were there in the need of those cards from tech giants like Nvidia and AMD, there were Ethereum miners too.

As a result of the limited supply of graphics cards, the market price of high-end cards increased three times the price of the listed price.

Talking about the announcements made by Nvidia, the first is related to the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 to limit the Ethereum hash rate to 50% of its capable mining performance by the company.

The second announcement is in favor of crypto miners, and it said that the company is going to introduce a brand-new line of products solely dedicated to Ethereum mining

Cryptocurrency Mining Processors (CMPs) are what the company called the new line of products dedicated to miners. CMP includes 30HX, 40HX, 50HX, and 90HX. As for the specifications of these products, they differ in specs like pins, power, size, and of course Ethereum hash rate.

Why Improvement Was Necessary

With an increase in the number of gamers, it was frustrating for gaming lovers to not being able to buy new gaming cards, and an even worse thing about it was Nvidia never being able to prioritize the supply of cards to gamers and ETH miners.

If Nvidia can pull this improvement wisely, then the gamers will be able to purchase more graphics cards. 

However, few crypto-mining blame posts are circulating on social media, like gamers are what have made Nvidia great by being constant and not the crypto miners who just keep jumping in and out depending on the market conditions.

As far as the miners are concerned, the company has launched a whole new line of products for them.

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