OceanEx Launches A New Payment System to Accept Cryptos
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OceanEx Launches A New Payment System to Accept Cryptos

September 15, 2020      Vandana Malik

OceanEX, a digital asset trading platform has recently launched OceanEX-Pay which is the new payment system by the firm. Through this, the merchants will be able to use this platform as a custodian service and along with these people will also be able to accept cryptos. It is also specified that all the current users of the platform will be able to directly use the service through their existing account. As their account has already been registered so there is not any need to create a new one to use the payment system. 

Merchants can exchange payments for any supported currency by OceanEx

According to the announcement by the platform, this payment system will be taking advantage of OceanVault custodian. Along with this, it is also revealed that the back-end services of OceanEx have now enabled this payment system to use around 50 types of crypto as a payment option. 

Here merchants will be able to use the platform to exchange payments from customers for any supported currency by OceanEx. The customers will also be able to take the advantage of AML services which will also help them to stay away from all the harmful crypto addresses. 

The payment system will bring around five advantages for merchants

It is claimed that merchants will be able to access the OceanEX Pay through API which will help them to receive payments in cryptocurrency. There is a crowdsourcing based API service whose major work is to verify the safety of crypto addresses. It is also revealed that this payment system will be bringing around five advantages for merchants. Along with this, it has also mentioned that the tokens will be enabled which are there in the VeChain ecosystem. It has also enabled around 50 tokens which means that any token which is listed on the platform will be used as a payment option. 

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