Peter Schiff Tweets the Best Time to Buy Bitcoin
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Peter Schiff Tweets the Best Time to Buy Bitcoin

June 22, 2021      Sahaj Sharma

Peter Schiff has recently revealed the best time to buy Bitcoin and has tweets regarding the same and revealed that this recommendation is to do with MicroStrategy. He claimed that Michael Saylor’s diamond hands are actually made of glass.

Peter Schiff Reccomends the Best Time to Buy Bitcoin

Peter Schiff recommended the best time in response to MicroStrategy’s recent investment in Bitcoin worth $500 million to add more of the flagship crypto asset to its portfolio.

Schiff being the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital and a gold hedge fund shared in a sarcastic tone regarding the huge BTC purchase by MicroStrategy yesterday. 

He mentioned in his tweet that the one who really wants to buy BTC, then he should wait for the time when MicroStrategy sells its last Satoshi.

In addition to this, he said that if the company keeps on borrowing to buy the dip by selling its shares, the shareholders will be forced to elucidate.

Schiff made a comment on Monday following Saylor’s announcement of acquiring BTC and indicated that it was a bearish action performed in order to purchase more BTC while its price is going down. 

Schiff Crosses Economist Nouriel Roubini in Terms of Twitter Followers

The gold hedge fund manager Schiff also revealed that he has surpassed Nouriel Roubini, an economist, in terms of the subscribers count on Twitter.

Along with this, Schiff bragged that he is now in the eighth position on the list of the biggest Bitcoin bears. The list contains big names such as Nicholas Taleb, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Christine Lagarde, and Nassim.

These names are included in this list because of their non-acceptance of crypto because of the fluctuation factor that is there in the market. Another reason they do not support cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin is the decentralization and unregulated characteristic of these digital assets.

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