Golden Chance for Entrepreneurs to Pitch Projects with TDeFi Accelerator at the International Demo Day in Dubai
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Golden Chance for Entrepreneurs to Pitch Projects with TDeFi Accelerator at the International Demo Day in Dubai

November 27, 2020      Cryptoknowmics

With the rapid adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, the DeFi sector has emerged with the potential for sustainable development and profuse capital investment. It is one of the fastest-growing industries at the moment and because of this, a lot of new startups are thriving in the space.

To that end, TDeFi Accelerator is quickly emerging as one of the biggest opportunities for all the startups that are looking to gain relevance in this space.

Powered by TradeDog, TDeFi Accelerator will provide entrepreneurs with access to proper mentorship, huge industry connections, marketing and community exchanges, and a lot of other things to give the proper exposure.

Here is What TDeFi Accelerator Offers

TDeFi Accelerators offers a different range of services to benefit the entrepreneurs, such as:

  • Regulations and Compliance – Different developers and entrepreneurs can benefit immensely from a proper structure and guidance that will help them comply with the regulatory frameworks.
  • Ideation and Mentorship – There is a huge team of professionals that will help and support the startups for better growth.
  • Investors and Community Connect – All the budding startups will get a chance to have strategic partnerships with influential industry connections. It will also let them have better advice about token allocation and how to structure the token sales. With such industry connections in contact, the startups will be able to attract investors.
  • Token Advisory and Growth Management – The team will assist the selected ventures in designing growth-oriented token economics and shape up token utility, and assist in growth hacking and adoption.

Event Details

This is a great opportunity for all the entrepreneurs to pitch their startups to TDeFi mentors in the DeFi space that will increase the potential of the projects. Along with this, the winners will also have a chance to present at the ‘International Demo Day.’

All the DeFi and NFT projects are invited to participate in the TDeFi Accelerator program. The event is to be held at the Ritz Carlton Presidential Suite, DIFC, Dubai, UAE from December 2-5, 2020.


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