Playpal Blends Blockchain Technology, AI and Health Cryptocurrency To Improve Their Services

Wayne Jones by Wayne Jones - 11:21 AM Sep 14, 2019

On September 13th 2019, Playpal Health Technology Revolutionists announced that they had created their own health cryptocurrency, PlayCoin. 

The report also states that the Colorado-based healthcare institution uses blockchain-powered modifications on their mHealth App to broaden its capabilities to foster information security and integrity. The blockchain modification is intended to help users get a complete overview of healthy rewards using PlayCoin. 

The App will reward Users who follow healthy instructions as outlined by mHealth guidelines. This is Playpal’s plan to motivate their clients to put more focus on healthy practices.

Playpal Is Promoting a Future with a Consolidated Health Information Platform

Playpal has shown its capability to blend in components of futuristic technologies of Cryptocurrency, blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) to promote digital Health Advancement. 

Playpal stated:
“Currently, we are at the cusp of a tech revolution where data is collected and processed to influence and change user behavior and the healthcare industry is yet to catch up to the advancements made in other industries. The most commonly asked questions are how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be best utilized to collate, analyze, and store large pools of data.”

In recent years, emerging technologies have completely transformed many sectors which is inclusive of the health industry. There are many kinds of apps today, which offer health information services about medical-related issues to millions of users. 

However, the availability of digital health apps has led to information abundance and fragmentation. Therefore, Playpal developed mHealth to consolidate data in a single platform and prevent security breaches.

Playpal’s mHealth App collects health data from external reliable health databases and apps to create a complete representation of one’s health. Playpal blockchain technology application on mHealth secures health information exchange.

The GDDPR and HIPAA compliant platform protects the privacy of user information. Playpal uses blockchain technology advanced security features like SSL encryption and hashed PHIs.

Playpal’s PlayCoin Cryptocurrency

PlayCoin is PayPal’s tangible health Cryptocurrency created by the company to be used on the mHealth App. Playcoin will be issued to users who adhere to the recommended steps for better health.

Users can use PlayCoin to purchase products from PlayPal’s E-store, which is another one of their blockchain-empowered inventions. PlayCoin is convertible with other cryptocurrencies and tradable on a Cryptocurrency exchange

What You Should Know About Playpal

Not to be confused with PayPal, Playpal is a smart health platform powered by blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. Playpal was founded in Colorado in 2015 and has grown to become a one-stop solution to better health.

It aims to revolutionize the digital health industry by using innovative technologies to tackle problems in the health sector today. These include low retention rates, lack of integration, market fragmentation, and lack of incentivization. 

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