Police Arrests Tom Hagen Murdering Wife in $10M Ransom Case

Vandana  |  Apr 29, 2020

Tom Hagen, a Norwegian millionaire has been arrested by the Norwegian police for Murdering his wife. Back in October 2018, he filed a report stating that his wife had been kidnapped. He also stated that he received a ransom note of worth $10 million Monero.

Tom Hagen was arrested on April 28 by the local authorities for murdering Anne Elizabeth Hagen. It also came out that the ransom note was mentioned only to hide his crime from the police.

18 months investigation proved Tom Hagen’s crime

It has been said in a news conference by Aase Kjustad Eriksson who is a police lawyer that it took an 18 months investigation in this case. After this whole investigation process, the police came to the conclusion that Tom Hagen has murdered his wife.

However, he has not been charged with this murdering crime yet. But Tommy Broeske, police inspector has said that even after the whole investigation, there was not any kind of kidnapping. It has also been mentioned that the lawyer of Tom Hagen has denied any kind of involvement.

Various cryptocurrencies used for ransom

Tom Hagen is among the richest people in Norway whose total worth is around $161 million. However, it is still not clear how much he has invested in cryptocurrency or any other digital assets.

Even though, in this case, it has been made clear that there was not any kind of ransom involved but there are many other reports which indicated towards using cryptocurrency in ransom. A lot of reports have claimed that various cryptocurrencies have been used to give ransom in kidnapping cases. Earlier this year in January, Mark Cheng was kidnapped in Thailand and was tortured to give a ransom of $740,000 Bitcoin. In this case, he has transferred a total of $46,000 and somehow managed to escape from the kidnappers. There are many other cases also in which cryptocurrencies have been used for ransom.

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