Pornhub’s Integrates PumaPay For Blockchain-Based Payments
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Pornhub’s Integrates PumaPay For Blockchain-Based Payments

March 13, 2020      Prashant Jha

Pornhub, one of the world’s biggest porn websites and probably every teenager’s first search have integrated PumaPay (PMA)  to its platform for crypto enabled payments.

Pornhub’s lovers can now use PumaPay to buy premium and even monthly subscriptions on Pornhub and can pay through their wallet without any hassle through the wallet app of PumaPay. For the premium subscriptions, customers are required to buy tokens from third-party exchanges in order to enable payments, and right after it, they would be charged according to the subscription they have opted for.

It took 18 months for PumaPay to be integrated. the time was consumed in making the platform more efficient, secure and user-friendly. Via PumaPay, Pornhub would easily be able to “unload” cash from their loyal fan base, on the basis of their opted subscriptions and turning blockchain-based payments on such a peculiar platform into reality.

Pornhub’s 100 million daily visitors want choice and security when it comes to payments. With an uptick in crypto adoption, adding PumaPay to the list of cryptocurrencies Pornhub accepts allows us to better cater to the millions of crypto holders around the world,” said Pornhub Vice President Corey Price

PumaPay has joined the likes of Horizen (Zen), Verge (XVG) and Justin Sun’s Tron (TRX). Talks are being held between the two parties to enable a similar mode of payment for premium subscriptions on Youporn and Redtube, Pornhub’s subsidiser’s platform.

PumaPay Sounds Good But Are Porn Nerds Even Interested in Giving it a Whirl?

blockchain-based payments

Payments in the cryptocurrency have been going on for a while at Pornhub, but it informed the TheNextWeb that still merely a percent of its payments are made in the form of crypto. Biggest stumbling block and bump in the road is that most of the supported cryptocurrency is not offering built-in privacy protection, the payments don’t stay anonymous, thus lacking credentials and renders all the talks about user privacy and security useless.

Also, with all the fiasco today and cryptocurrencies buckling under pressure amidst the growing financial crisis, even more people would be unwilling to give PumaPay crypto payments a go.

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Prashant Jha
Prashant Jha

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