Pre-Triage Medical Center is Officially Operational in Italy
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Pre-Triage Medical Center is Officially Operational in Italy

April 11, 2020      Vandana Malik

Coronavirus pandemic has affected the whole world adversely that there are more than 100,000 deaths across the globe. Concerning this situation of huge destruction, the crypto industry and blockchain has come forward to provide different help that was beyond expectations. Earlier, there was certain news that bitcoin will be giving donations for the health supplies in Italy concerning coronavirus. The pre-triage medical centre which was to be funded by bitcoin is now officially operational in Italy near Rome. This has been a great contribution by the crypto industry along with others also to deal with this situation of havoc.

Bitcoin was included in donations for the pre-triage centre

Italy is the country which has been hit severely from coronavirus and is trying all the measures to help people recover and protect them. There was a donation campaign which was started by the Red Cross in order to build up a pre-triage medical centre. It has also included bitcoin to the payment methods for the donations which have emerged up to be extremely successful.

Now after all the sufficient funding, the country is able to operate the pre-triage centre to treat the coronavirus cases in Italy. This portable centre which has been set up near Rome will be jointly operated by the Red Cross based in Italy.

Bitcoin to help other charities as well

Crypto market has emerged to be of great help during this crisis across the world. There is a lot of software also which have been built up using blockchain technologies to track corona cases. Through all of this, bitcoin seems to be playing a very prominent role among all.

Many people are also assuming that bitcoin might be helping other charities as well along with other cryptocurrencies. There are also certain reports in which bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are getting a positive response from people. Earlier, people used to stay away from the crypto market but now during this crisis, it could be seen that it has attracted a huge audience towards it.

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Vandana Malik
Vandana Malik

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