Presearch Launches Decentralized Search Engine, Private Alternative to Google
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Presearch Launches Decentralized Search Engine, Private Alternative to Google

January 30, 2021      Vandana Malik

Presearch, a blockchain-based startup, has recently launched its decentralized search engine, a more private alternative to Google. The developer has mentioned that this browser will be more private, which will provide extensive privacy to its users. Along with this, it will also reward the users with PRE, its native token. 

Presearch uses the searches powered by independent nodes. This helps the users to protect their identity. 

Colin Pape, the founder of, has mentioned:

“We couldn’t figure out how to go to market though, until 2017 and the rise of Ethereum made us realize that we could create our own token and reward people with PRE tokens for using the search engine, and then to give them value, we’d make them the payment mechanism for an advertising system.”

Presearch Meant to Protect Personally Identifiable Information 

Presearch will be made available to the public in the next two weeks when its transition will successfully complete. Its team will run the first node, and meanwhile, the beta testing of independent nodes will be finalized. As per the firm, this new decentralized search engine is meant to protect the personally identifiable information of users. This information includes user IP address, device info, location data, and browsers. 

Earn PRE Tokens as Rewards

According to Presearch, it has around 1.7 million registered users and there are more than 300,000 active users. As per the announcement, here the users will be able to earn PRE tokens as a reward for running their nodes or performing searches. It has been reported recently that over the last one month, the price of PRE token has increased by a total of 120%. Colin Pape has mentioned that most of the search engines are centralized and does not provide the privacy that the users want. Presearch is meant to provide all that the users want from a search engine.

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Vandana Malik
Vandana Malik

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