Residential Crypto Cruise Ship “Satoshi” Gears Up For Sail
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Residential Crypto Cruise Ship “Satoshi” Gears Up For Sail

October 14, 2020      Jafrin Ahmed

Residential crypto cruise ship “Satoshi” named after Bitcoin’s creator is all set to sail from the Mediterranean and anchor in the Gulf of Panama.

Incubator For Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The 804 ft cruise ship includes housing 777 cabins, capacity for 2020 people including amenities such as multiple restaurants, theater, casinos, gym as well as a general wellness area.

Ocean Builders will sell the crypto-themed cruise ship’s in-house cabins, already in the company’s portfolio of building floating homes and off-grid seapods. Its space will be used mainly for research, residency, as well as an incubator area for entrepreneurship and innovation.

For the cabins’ full ownership, its residents need to pay a monthly fee, which is yet to be determined. Initially, only 200 cabins will be available for its auction round scheduled for November 5-28, 2020, which ranges between $25,000-$50,000.

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COO of Ocean Builders, Chad Elwartowski, says, “We look forward to creating a hub for technology and innovation here in Panama. Our goal is to figure out how to live sustainably on the sea and chart new waters in this new frontier.” He adds, “Our idea for families with children is to buy a balcony or ocean view room for the parents and purchase a cheaper interior room across the hall for the children. We would like to think of your cabin as your bedroom while your living room is the rest of the ship.”

BTC Accepted in Satoshi Cruise Ship

Originally built in 1991 as “Pacific Dawn” was operated by Princess Cruises and P&O Australia. But was sold due to the pandemic’s impact on the cruising industry.

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The crypto cruise ship has been rebuilt to nurture a floating community towards sustainable living, advocating for ocean technology research while gathering together digital nomads, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, researchers, and entrepreneurs.

The Satoshi cruise ship will be anchored in the Gulf of Panama, a popular island destination for global crypto exchanges. An exciting aspect for the crypto enthusiasts includes the acceptance of BTC for all onboard purchases, alongside US dollars.

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Jafrin Ahmed
Jafrin Ahmed

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